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Re: load balancer

Przemyslaw Wegrzyn <czajnik@tower.t16.ds.pwr.wroc.pl> 16 Mar 2001, at
 On 15 Mar 2001, Fraser Campbell wrote:
 > Allen Ahoffman <ahoffman@announce.com> writes:
 > > Is there a distribution that will cheaply replace a load
 > > e.g. for web servers. LVS, ...?
 > man ipmasqadm ... you'll see this:
 >        Redirect all web traffic to  internals  hostA  and  hostB,
 >        where  hostB will serve 2 times hostA connections. Forward
 >        rules already masq internal hosts to outside (typical).
> > ipchains -I input -p tcp -y -d yours.com/32 80 -m 1
 >               ipmasqadm mfw -I -m 1 -r hostA 80 -p 10 ipmasqadm mfw
 >               -I -m 1 -r hostB 80 -p 20
 > Voila, load balancer ... any Linux distribution can do this.

 :)) And what about sessions ?

As session data is usually stored in a database,
have the sql server on a separate machine (you
would anyway if you have enough traffic to need
a load balancer, wouldn't you?)

Often, using a database to store session data is a major bottleneck... Better alternatives, in my experience, are to use things like shared memory. PHP and friends supports this quite well, and has much higher performance.

Just thought I'd toss that out as an experience I learned from.


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