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Re: load balancer

Allen Ahoffman <ahoffman@announce.com> writes:

> Is there a distribution that will cheaply replace a load balancer?
> e.g.
> for web servers.
> LVS, ...?

man ipmasqadm ... you'll see this:

       Redirect all web traffic to  internals  hostA  and  hostB,
       where  hostB will serve 2 times hostA connections. Forward
       rules already masq internal hosts to outside (typical).
              ipchains -I input -p tcp -y -d yours.com/32 80 -m 1
              ipmasqadm mfw -I -m 1 -r hostA 80 -p 10
              ipmasqadm mfw -I -m 1 -r hostB 80 -p 20

Voila, load balancer ... any Linux distribution can do this.

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