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Re: latest postfix for potato? (was:Re: Compiling bind_8.2.3-0 for slink)\

Previously Russell Coker wrote:
> Wichert, how are plans for getting a public repository for these things going?

I pretty much have everything ready to go. There are two bugs I would like
to fix first:
1. update-devfsd in my devfs package isn't executable. I suspect the debian/rules
   script copies it from debian/ and forgets that patch doesn't store permissions.
2. the passwd problem you found. So far it's been eluding me, and unfortunately I
   spent most of my weekend fighting with LVM instead of LDAP as I was planning to.

I'm also splitting the backports in sections, right now I have backport/kernel24
and backport/ldap.

A slight problem is that I have it all on my laptop, and I just discovered I
forgot to bring the dongle with me, so I can't upload it today :(


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