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Re: latest postfix for potato? (was:Re: Compiling bind_8.2.3-0 for slink)

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Thursday 08 March 2001 04:29, Neale Banks wrote:
> > Then starts the slippery slope... the libldap2 in unstable depends on
> > libsasl7, which in its turn recommends libsasl-modules (the only
> > consolation here is that libsasl7 etc is also in testing).
> >
> > Any suggestions other than building all of those for potato (and no, I
> > don't want to upgrade yet).
> I have .deb's of the latest LDAP stuff for Potato.  I didn't build them 
> though.  Hopefully we can establish some sort of official repository for such 
> things and manage them properly...

They're possibly the ones at http://people.debian.org/~wakkerma ?
Unforunately there's no accompanying notes.

Purely per chance I bumped into those today, having explored the "slippery
slope" and decided things were looking altogether more long-winded than I
was hoping for.  So I grabbed the relevant ones and postfix has built,
apparently happily (even though a couple of the build-dependencies weren't
as high a version as listed).

I'll have a bit more of a go at this and then post my account, if there's
any interest.


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