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Re: Compiling bind_8.2.3-0 for slink

On Wednesday 07 March 2001 17:22, I. Forbes wrote:
> > Isn't there a security update for that?
> There is, but the update has not been released for slink, just potato,
> thats why I needed to recompile it.

Sorry, I misread your email.  My brain translates "!=woody" to "==potato".  ;)

> > Grepping Contents.gz suggests that libfl.a is in package "flex"...
> Thanks, that the clue I needed.
> For the record in addition to "flex", I had to install "bison" and
> "mmv", on top of what I had there already.

From bind-8.2.3/debian/control:
Build-Depends: debhelper, groff, mmv, flex, bison 

> But this was only the beginning.  The thing compiled but dpkg-
> buildpackage bombed out because it was trying to install things
> into directories such as "debian/bind-dev/usr/share/man" in the
> build directory hierarchy - which did not exist.  Trying to add them
> manually did not seem to help, then I added a whole lot of
> directories to the lists in debian/dirs, debian/bind-dev.dirs etc.  This
> also did not work.  Then I copied the contents of /usr/sbin from the
> potato version of the "debhelper" package into /usr/local/sbin and
> started making progress again. (Perhaps I could have installed the
> new "debhelper" - I was not brave enough to try that).

The new debhelper has the following:
Build-Depends-Indep: perl-5.6, fileutils (>= 4.0-2.1), file (>= 3.23-1), 

I want to build it on Potato...

> If anybody wants a copy of it, e-mail me.  I think my package is a bit
> to "alpha" to put up on an ftp server (version no's etc will probably
> break on an upgrade).  When you install it you still get major
> complaints about how the whole installation must be fixed up
> manually to make it work.  (I have done that part dozens of times
> over now - I think I could have re-written the installation script by
> now).

I think that we need some separate projects for maintaining outdated 
distributions of Debian.  There's no way I'll touch slink but I have a great 
need for potato to be usable with the latest stuff.

> The thing takes longer than a kernel to compile (well it felt longer)
> and it has been keeping the cpu in my old slink server rather warm
> for the last day or two..
> I think I must take some time off to read the "Packaging" manual, as
> I must still do proftpd and openssh ...

Urk.  Good luck!

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