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exim and sendmail-like virtusertable

i want to set up exim with virtualhosts and virtual passwd and alias
so far anything works perfectly with a patched gnu-pop3d version.
but i'm missing a solution for the special token in sendmails
virtusertable which
allows all unassigned email-adresses to be sent to another domain
(e.g.: *@domain1 -> %1@domain2)
i want to be able to create aliases for domains and virtual mailboxes
(no problem 
so far), but i want all unassigned emails of a virtual domain to be sent
to another domain.
i know that it is possible to send all unassigned emails to a specified
email (e.g. postmaster) by using a * in the alias file, but i found no
to create a rewriting rule like it is possible in sendmails
i can add a general rewriting rule (e.g. *@domain1 $1@domain2) in the
but this overrides all virtual users and aliases.

any ideas?


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