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Re: exim smarthost

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Maurice Verhagen wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried it last week without success, so I try it again.
> I want to set up some sort of smtp forwarding with exim.
> this is the idea: exim as SMTP router for incoming and outgoing mail (to
> the internet). exim also as router to another SMTP daemon on another port
> (26) on the same machine, for internal use.
> How do I set this up? smarthost is the magic word I guess, but on the web
> I can't find much info on it.
> I tried something with smtp transport but then I get an error message with
> something like: "can't reroute because it's the same host"
Just a suggestion - create localmail.mydomain.com to be and then
forward the mail to this host ,and run something to listen there for the
internal mailer...

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