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Re: Sendmail

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Roger Abrahamsson wrote:

> > Use the following line in sendmail.mc to only bind to a particular IP:
> >
> > define(`confDAEMON_OPTIONS', `Addr=')
> >
> > Not sure if this is really what you want, because this will not allow you
> > to receive mail on other interface IPs.
> Well, just tried it, and it works fine, except for one thing as I see
> it. It stops answering on localhost also, and from the machine itself I
> cannot reach the ip..
> say the machine is and the ip for the mail server is
> i.e. I cannot telnet to port 25 when logged in on
> ??

What version of sendmail ?
If 8.11.2, you can use
The options are key=value pairs
Known keys are:
Name    User-definable name for the daemon (defaults to "Daemon#")
Port    Name/number of listening port (defaults to "smtp")
Addr    Address mask (defaults INADDR_ANY)
Family  Address family (defaults to INET)
Listen  Size of listen queue (defaults to 10)
Modifier        Options (flags) for the daemon
SndBufSize      Size of TCP send buffer
RcvBufSize      Size of TCP receive buffer

see /usr/share/doc/sendmail/op.{txt,ps} and
Rick Nelson
* wichert_ imagines master without a MTA
<james> wichert: ehm?  that might hinder peformance of the BTS :p

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