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quota problem.


I am making ISP server with debian 2.2.
There are three package. (ecno:30mb, basic:100mb, premium:300mb)

I thought i can solve this problem with quota.
first of all, I will make user account with same group name as package name.
then apply quota by group. (how about this idea?)

but, I have another problem now.
if all customer are in 'users' group with 707 home directory permission,
there can't access other customers home directory.
I have to make three groups(econo, basic, premium)..
maybe it will break directory-security.. how can I do?

last question,
I will serve mysql database account.
mysql creates db files in /var/lib/mysql/username with mysql UID.
I want to combine this space with customer's home-direcotry quota.

is there good idea about these?

Have a nice day.


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