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Re: quota problem.

On Sunday 11 February 2001 09:26, Cho Yoonbae wrote:
> I am making ISP server with debian 2.2.
> There are three package. (ecno:30mb, basic:100mb, premium:300mb)
> I thought i can solve this problem with quota.
> first of all, I will make user account with same group name as package
> name.
 then apply quota by group. (how about this idea?)

Group quota applies to the sum of space used by all users in the group.  You 
want a user quota for each user.  The best way to do this is to create a 
template user for each class of service and use the quota copying command 
(forget the syntax, it's in the man page) to give the user the same quota as 
the template user.  Then it's easy to write a script to go through all users 
and set their quotas (in case you want to change how much quota an "ecno" 
user gets).
Then of course there's the issue of email and web space which want separate 
quotas.  For this it's probably easier to set a quota in the applications.

> if all customer are in 'users' group with 707 home directory permission,
> there can't access other customers home directory.
> I have to make three groups(econo, basic, premium)..
> maybe it will break directory-security.. how can I do?

Why not mode 700?  Or mode 710 with the directories being group www-data (and 
the customers not being in that group)?

> I will serve mysql database account.
> mysql creates db files in /var/lib/mysql/username with mysql UID.
> I want to combine this space with customer's home-direcotry quota.

File system quotas on databases is a bad idea.  Databases don't have nice 
failure modes when they run out of disk space.  Create a way of the user 
determining how much space they use in the database and charge them extra if 
they exceed it.

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