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Re: (nearly) dynamic DNS update

On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Sanjeev Gupta wrote:

> My idea was to write a cron job that would get the current IP address, and
> ftp over a file to a "well known server".  As I am charged for each minute
> that actual traffic flows, I do not wish to use dhis.net, as it sends a
> packet each minute.  A packet every 15minutes, or so, is quite fine.
> 2 questions:
> 	1	Is there a dynDNS provider, who has a longer, configurable
> 		ping interval?

I use Dyndns, http://www.dyndns.org , which actually discourages constant
updates from the same IP. I think, though, you do need to update at least
once every 30
days or so.

> 	2	Is there some DNS update package, that can signal my
> 		always up server, running BIND, which can update its table?
> 		(preferred) 

Not sure about updating a local DNS, as no one but you could use it
anyway, since your IP changes constantly. To update Dyndns, I use a
package called ez-ipupdate, which runs as a daemon to check for ip
changes, and automatically fires off an update to Dyndns. Not sure about
the URL for that, but they do have a link to it on Dyndns' site.


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