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NOC scripting

Hello Debian-ISPers,

I work in a fairly large NOC that monitors many various systems (many
unix). I am working on developing a survailance system that accesses the
various systems. I plan on using debian as the OS of the survailance
system and have installed potato stable on a few test systems I will be
using to develop the system. I plan on using enlightenment as a WM and
wanted to ask for advice on the best way to write a script to open
multiple terminal windows (Eterm or Xterm) to connect and log in to the
many various systems that we monitor. As it stands now, most of the
analyists use NT as a desktop, but I have been given the go ahead to try
to develop a system that will be superior to the NT setup. I hope that I
can launch one startup script (on X initiation) that will basically place
all my windows on various virtual desktops and rsh and/or telnet and login
to the devices that need to be accessed. Does anyone on this list have a
suggestion or a starting place on launching multiple windows and/or a way
to script an automatic telnet login?

Thanks in advanced!

Ashby Gochenour

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