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Re: Postfix for many domains

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 02:47:36PM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> How easy is it to setup Postfix for a large number of dynamically
> configured email domains?  What I need to do is to have a mail server
> scale to 10,000 domains over the course of a year, adding 500 new
> domains in a day wouldn't be uncommon for a busy day...

AFAIK, you can put any kind of map file in $mydestination - e.g. you can
use a hashed db.

you can certainly do it for $virtual_maps, which is probably what you
want rather than $mydestination.

> So I need to be able to add domains without (much) reconfiguring of
> the server.  Preferrably I would like to use LDAP to specify the
> domains, do the LDAP patches for Postfix support this?

you should be able to use an LDAP map too. a hashed db would be faster.
generate the map from the source data extracted from an LDAP database if

BTW, for large map files, create them with a temporary filename and then
mv them into place. creating a hashed file takes a significant amount of
time, but mv is atomic.


craig sanders

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