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Re: Unidentified subject!

On 2000-10-27 00:48, R K wrote:
>I'm not really familiar with the more obscure intricacies of unix
>networking... well, that is if this even really counts as obscure to some of
>you..  my problem is that i have a number of debian servers connected to the
>net via a T1.  i would like all of these servers to share a rack of NAS
>(network attached storage) appliances.  The problem I see in considering
>something like this is that traffic between the NAS and the servers would
>saturate the network and slow things down considerably.  Is it possible to
>set up a second network (via two ethernet cards in all of the servers) that
>runs independantly of the primary network?  Is this even a good idea?  I was

This is the standard proceedure when running a moderate sized ISP.  For a 
large ISP you will probably have 4 Ethernet ports on each machine.
1)  Front-end VLAN (connection to the Internet).
2)  Back-end VLAN (talking to file-servers etc).
3)  Management VLAN (for you to login, and for backups).
4)  Spare port in case one of the others breaks - also you can buy 1, 2, or 4 
port Ethernet cards so you may as well get 4 port cards.

>thinking that isolating data transfers to a dedicated network would help
>alleviate traffic on the front-side network.  Something like how a SAN works
>except without all the proprietary hardware and software =).  If it is

It's a good idea, but it's not really like a SAN.

>possible (and even a remotely good idea) how would I configure routing,
>addresses, NFS, etc?  I've never worked with a disconnected network before,
>so I don't know what rules change and how the IPs are set up, etc.

Give your front-end VLAN with Internet IP addresses.
Give your back-end VLAN one series of private addresses -
Give your management VLAN another series of private addresses -

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