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Re: Unidentified subject!

This is very possible and indeed desirable.  As you only have a T1 (T3+
would be different), I doubt you really have a lot to worry about, indeed I
wonder if more than 2 servers is necessary, but anyway ....

I use a similar setup to that you propose for WWW servers, which access
backend DataBase and/or a large image archive.  Doing this I've saved shed
loads on hosting charges (actually co-location), because the backend servers
don't require a budget for traffic, everything goes to/from the WWW servers,
so I just pay for rack space.

It is also desirable for security reasons, you can use ipchains to filter
the Internet traffic, and use a private network (as per RFC1918) for the
backend stuff.

You simply add the interfaces, they'll appear as eth0, eth1, eth2 etc.
Then you set up the config files, so they are assigned addresses and brough
up on boot.

You may consider a DLink 4port card, which provides 4 100Mb/s ports in one
pci slot.  They are cost effective for me, as it saves rack space and
co-location charges.  The 4 port allows me to use thin web servers (2U),
rather than a standard 4U unit.  Thin boxes offer more limitted expansion
than deeper cases.

With that card, you could actually (if your NAS had enough ports), dedicate
with cross-overs a full 100Mb/s duplex net to each server, and still have
enough ports for a more general backend net, without requiring extra
switching hubs.


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> hi,
> I'm not really familiar with the more obscure intricacies of unix
> networking... well, that is if this even really counts as obscure to some
> you..  my problem is that i have a number of debian servers connected to
> net via a T1.  i would like all of these servers to share a rack of NAS
> (network attached storage) appliances.  The problem I see in considering
> something like this is that traffic between the NAS and the servers would
> saturate the network and slow things down considerably.  Is it possible to
> set up a second network (via two ethernet cards in all of the servers)
> runs independantly of the primary network?  Is this even a good idea?  I
> thinking that isolating data transfers to a dedicated network would help
> alleviate traffic on the front-side network.  Something like how a SAN
> except without all the proprietary hardware and software =).  If it is
> possible (and even a remotely good idea) how would I configure routing,
> addresses, NFS, etc?  I've never worked with a disconnected network
> so I don't know what rules change and how the IPs are set up, etc.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,
> ryan
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