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ISP Problem with Modem Disconnections

  I know that this list is *for* ISPs, but my question
is still relevant.  When I send mail to one particular
listserver (as all other mail works fine) in reply
to another mail (e.g., Patriarchy list at
E-Groups.com), my modem is shut off before the
goes through.  This has occured both through Web
browsers and an MUA on this machine.

  This machine is running woody, and it has a brand
new OS and hard drive install since the problem 
started happening.  ...any of you have answers to
this one?  ...procmail or something in my /home
directory at the ISP's office, maybe?  ...hope you
never have an employee who does something like this
to any client.  I have checked all my logs, BTW, and
no strange processes or connections.

  Please reply to this address, as I am not subscribed
to debian-isp at this time (although in the


Art Lemasters

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