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Re: High Availability.. (SQL server)

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 11:24:25PM +0200, Christian Hammers wrote:

I believe this is a project between RedHat and TCX, building multi
server redundancy.  (So shoot me if I am wrong.)  You might want to
search sourceforge and mysql sites before going too far.

> Hello
> Has anyone ever tried to make a webserver host with a mysql database
> (used for a session database that gets updated on every click) redundant
> by adding an exactly same computer and do DNS-load balancing?
> If there were no SQL database this would be no problem, two web-servers
> that access a shared NFS Raid for data. But you can't have two MySQL 
> daemons access the same files and if you have only one SQL server for
> both web servers there is no redundancy. On the other side if you have
> two seperate mysql servers there is no synchronising between them, I
> know about that update-log method but when serving a couple of clients
> per second I doubt that the two servers syncronise fast enough to allow
> using a session-db (imaging first request on A, then second request on B
> but B's mysql server hasn't updated the mysql db and so the session
> information are lost).
> Any ideas?
> bye,
>  -christian-
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