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Distributed Mailing Lists

I was thinking recently about large mailing lists like LKML (Linux Kernel
Mailing List).

There is one box that has to retransmit every email to all of the subscriber
email servers.  Transmitting the same message hundreds of times over slow
trans-contental Internet links.

What if there was one master server located in the USA (which is where the
current one is now IIRC), and send one message to another server in a different
area.  Possible areas would be: UK, South America, Japan, etc.

My first idea was to split it by ISP, but that didn't seem feasable, as you'd
have to deal with hundreds, maybe thousands of ISPs.  Although, this could be a
project to organize.

Anyway, I don't know how if there would be any drawbacks to a semi-country coded
distributed LKML (for exampele).  Maybe you guys have some ideas.


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