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Matrox NS-FNIC/4 Multiport ethernet cards

Hi Kim.

I can offer you the Matrox NS-FNIC/4 multiport NIC.  This card has 4 ports
of 10/100 Base Tx each.

We have drivers for Linux and they are actually included as part of Kernel
2.2.16.  That driver will support 2 cards (8 ports) but the official Linux
Maintainer has told us that the new driver he will include in Kernel 2.4
will support more and will also offer port aggregation...

The card is based on the Intel 82559ER controller.  A very low power
consumption, cool running, high performance chip.

See:  http://www.matrox.com/netweb/products/nsfnic4.htm

Please feel free to contact me at the Sales number below or Maya Theodory
of Matrox Networks Customer Service.


>I'm looking for cards that let me fill a
>box up with as many ethernet
>ports as possible. The purpose is to
>build a router-type machine, so
>they don't need to be 100mbit interfaces
>even if that's a plus. The only
>card I know of that seems to work on
>Linux is the DFE-570TX (Dlink card
>with 4 100mbit ports), but I can't find
>confirmation that it would
>actually give me 4 eth devices.
>In short, HELP! :)
>// Kim Lundgren

 Christian Lefebvre
 Technical Sales and Marketing
 Tel:   (514) 822-6000  x:2094
 email: chrislef@matrox.com

 Matrox Electronic Systems
 Network Products Group
 Montreal, Canada  
 Tech support line: (514) 822-6090 
 Tech support line: 1-888-667-4740

 Customer Service : (514) 822-6080
 Customer Service : 1-800-837-3611

 Tech Support    : networks.techsupport@matrox.com 

 Customer Service: networks.info@matrox.com

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