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Re: Distributed Mailing Lists

Mike Fedyk wrote:
> I was thinking recently about large mailing lists like LKML (Linux
> Kernel Mailing List).

LKML deliveries are handled by a number of machines in the USA and
Europe, IIRC.

> What if there was one master server located in the USA (which is
> where the current one is now IIRC), and send one message to another
> server in a different area. Possible areas would be: UK, South
> America, Japan, etc.

I suggest you find out what the AS number is for the MX of each and
every email address on the list. Now, given your set of distribution
servers, find out what distribution server is closest to that MX with
regard to the number of AS hops in between. And setup a database to
determine what email-addresses should be delivered by which server
according to that information.



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