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Re: ISP Billing Software

I've been checking a few out bt  most of them "rodopi","isptraq",, etc
etc etc all seem to be NT solutions backed by MS SQL server neither of
which I like very much.

We use a product called Optigold (www.digitalpoint.com). I'm a big fan of open source software, but as far as functionality and support goes, you cannot go wrong with this software. A new release is posted every two weeks, and I believe that a new feature or bug fix has been added just about every week since its inception several years ago. If you want a new feature, you post it to the mailing list, and Shawn Hogan (the author of the software) will respond usu. immediately, and never later than 24 hours. Rarely does he say no to features, unless it compromises the functionality of the system.

And the pricing is great too. You get a free 100 user unlimited license, then after that, it's modest pricing compared to the competition. Granted, I wasn't thrilled about having to run this on NT or Mac, but it's true that unless you're running a Java Application, a web-based solution just can't support the usability required to run your billing dept. Just dealing w/ session management, timeouts, security, etc. was enough to shy us away from both Freeside and Billmax (both of which I have quit a bit of experience with).

Take al ook at http://www.digitalpoint.com/products/isp/compare.html and make your decision from there. I initially wanted to stay w/ a Linux-based solution, but moving to Optigold was one of the best decisions we've made.

Best Regards-
Eric Jennings

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