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ISP Billing Software

Hi, we are looking out for some good ISP billing software, as our home
growen solution just isn't up to the task any more, and it strikes me as
a rather pointless excersise to re-invent a wheel that has been inveted
probably countless times before. 

I've been checking a few out bt  most of them "rodopi","isptraq",, etc
etc etc all seem to be NT solutions backed by MS SQL server neither of
which I like very much. 

Idealy the accounting software would be mysql backed and would run
nicely on Debian.  I have looked at freeside but it would require a lot
of modification to do what we require, ie mb limited accounts etc. 

I am not against the idea of a commercial solution, although GPL would
obviously be nicer, but if there is something commercial out there that
will cover what we want then I'm all for it. 

Has any one written such a package or is using a package that is fairly
flexable as far as pplan types goes etc etc etc? 

Thanks for your time. 

>From Mitchell

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