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Re: ISP Billing Software

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Eric Jennings wrote:

> We use a product called Optigold (www.digitalpoint.com).  I'm a big 
> fan of open source software, but as far as functionality and support 
> goes, you cannot go wrong with this software.  A new release is 
> posted every two weeks, and I believe that a new feature or bug fix 
> has been added just about every week since its inception several 
> years ago.  If you want a new feature, you post it to the mailing 
> list, and Shawn Hogan (the author of the software) will respond usu. 
> immediately, and never later than 24 hours.  Rarely does he say no to 
> features, unless it compromises the functionality of the system.

I'm concerned because of my unfamiliarity with Windows. How much Windows
do I need to know to make this puppy work? (I really do *not* know

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