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Re: ISP Billing Software

You should probably join inet-access mailing list as well. There is always
good ISP (non-debian-specific) info there.


You might want to look into a package called freeside. Opensource perl
based billing. Sounds to be exactly what you want...


a C&P from their website with some features.

Written in Perl and easily customizable. 
Uses Perl's DBI allowing use of almost any database backend to store
data. We currently recommend PostgreSQL or MySQL. 
Source code is available under the GNU GPL or Artistic license. 
Web-based interface (including most of the configuration). 
Track customers by reseller/agent. Limit the packages a particular agent
or class of agents may sell. 
Tax rates customizable by state and locale. 
Exports directly to UNIX passwd and shadow (or master.passwd) files, ERPCD
acp_passwd and acp_dialup files, and/or RADIUS users files. 
Works with ICRADIUS or Radiator to authenticate directly from SQL
Virtual domain support. Exports Sendmail virtusertable and sendmail.cw
files, and/or Qmail virtualdomains, rcpthosts and recipientmap files. 
Signup server with Windows/IE autoconfiguration 
Real-time credit card processing with CyberCash CashRegister,
Authorize.Net, or Signio. 

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 mjs@beyond.net.au wrote:

| Hi, we are looking out for some good ISP billing software, as our home
| growen solution just isn't up to the task any more, and it strikes me as
| a rather pointless excersise to re-invent a wheel that has been inveted
| probably countless times before. 

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