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Re: tcp-wrappers

That would be how you can see - add an entry to hosts.deny that denies
the address you'll be testing from, restart the service in question, and
try to access it.


> Hello John and All,
> Thank you for the reply.
> How can I tell if my services are set up for tcp wrappers?
> I remember I used to run wrappers a couple years back on a Redhat machine,
> but I would have to compile each program to be used with wrappers and
> specify in inetd.conf that they were wrapped. It is seeming to me that
> some of my services are coming wrapped already (such as sshd?). I was
> thinking that it is wrapped because it "listens" to my hosts.allow and
> hosts.deny file when sshing into the box.
> Thanks for any more info!

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