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Re: tcp-wrappers

Hello John and All,
Thank you for the reply.
How can I tell if my services are set up for tcp wrappers?
I remember I used to run wrappers a couple years back on a Redhat machine,
but I would have to compile each program to be used with wrappers and
specify in inetd.conf that they were wrapped. It is seeming to me that
some of my services are coming wrapped already (such as sshd?). I was
thinking that it is wrapped because it "listens" to my hosts.allow and
hosts.deny file when sshing into the box.

Thanks for any more info!

D. Ghost

'space ghost with linux'

> 	TCP wrappers are normally used for stuff run out of inetd.conf. Then based on the rules in hosts.allow and hosts.deny allow the connection to take place. For more detailed info
> 	man hosts_access
> 	not sure if that works on non-debian boxen.
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> John
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