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bad passwords

I've been having manymany problems with ppp :-)  My current setup, for some 
basic info is that I'm running Debian 2.1, I've got kernel 2.2.12, and that's 
about all I can give right now since I'm not sure what you'd need to know.  
Anyway, I'm trying to connect to an ISP.  I've tried both MSN and AT&T 
Worldnet, and both have the same problem.  They don't match the user name and 
password and reject me, as if I'm getting them wrong.  I've used both wvdial, 
and the pon command, after setting it up.  I have DNS IPs established.  Do I 
need to put my username and id in quotations, or is there something I'm 
missing?  It keeps insisting my username doesn't match my password or, "**Bad 
Password", on all the different accounts I've tried.  Thanks much for help in 


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