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Re: bad passwords

You will not be able to connect with to msn with any other client then
win 9x,
come to expect that from microsoft. Though AT&T should be be fine?  Have
you placed the dns
servers in the etc/resolv.conf?

for example:


these would be the dns servers of your isp.  

Rubbish5@aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been having manymany problems with ppp :-)  My current setup, for some
> basic info is that I'm running Debian 2.1, I've got kernel 2.2.12, and that's
> about all I can give right now since I'm not sure what you'd need to know.
> Anyway, I'm trying to connect to an ISP.  I've tried both MSN and AT&T
> Worldnet, and both have the same problem.  They don't match the user name and
> password and reject me, as if I'm getting them wrong.  I've used both wvdial,
> and the pon command, after setting it up.  I have DNS IPs established.  Do I
> need to put my username and id in quotations, or is there something I'm
> missing?  It keeps insisting my username doesn't match my password or, "**Bad
> Password", on all the different accounts I've tried.  Thanks much for help in
> advance.
> -Chris
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