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Re: Pine & Maildir

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Marcin Jakubowski wrote:

>     I swithed from /var/spool/mail to ~Maildir on my debian Potato BOX. I can 
> user imap and pop now, this configurations is very good but there is one 
> problem.
>     Pine can use INBOX as a ~/Maildir but when I create subdirectory in 
> Netscape, Pine can not see this, and pine folders are invisible for other mail 
> browsers. What shoud I set up in pine to use ~Maildir all finctions. If you 
> have any idea plese help.

I haven't used netscape for mail, but I put the following envar in the
global rc files for the popular shells on my host, and the mail agents
that understand maildirs are all happy:

export MAIL="~/Maildir/"


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