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pam + apache

I have potato with apache and pam authentication module:
ii  apache          1.3.9-13.1      Versatile, high-performance HTTP
ii  apache-common   1.3.9-13.1      Support files for all Apache
ii  apache-doc      1.3.9-13.1      Apache webserver docs
ii  libapache-mod-a 0.8-5           Authenticate web access using PAM

I tried to use pam with apache. Here is fragment from

<Directory /var/www/webalizer/www.bg>
AuthPAM_Enabled on
AuthName "Statistics"
AuthType Basic
require group spnet triada

Here is /etc/pam.d/httpd:
auth    required pam_unix.so shadow nullok try_first_pass nodelay
account required  pam_unix.so
password required  pam_unix.so

But pam authentication doesn't works. Here is fragment from
Jul 25 15:09:01 hosting PAM_unix[29418]: authentication failure;
(uid=33) -> **unknown** for httpd service
Jul 25 15:12:13 hosting PAM_unix[29612]: authentication failure;
(uid=33) -> **unknown** for httpd service
Jul 25 15:12:17 hosting PAM_unix[29608]: authentication failure;
(uid=33) -> **unknown** for httpd service

Any help ?

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