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Re: Pine & Maildir

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Dariush Pietrzak wrote:

> Hello,
> >     I swithed from /var/spool/mail to ~Maildir on my debian Potato BOX. I can 
> could you please tell me why?
>  because qmail people often tell me that qmail is better than anything
> else because it supports maildir, well.. i don't quite follow that
> argumentation, and can't see any benefits of Maildir? is it about
> keeping one quota for mail and ~ directory?

There are a couple of intrinsic benefits from maildirs. The most important
in my oppinion is that they get the user spools out of global filespace
and into the user homedirectory, as it should be. =) And secondly, given
the lockless operation, they are much much more reliable on large mail
cluster setups where you throw the spools/homedirs into Network Attached
Storage like that offered by Netap or EMC. This lockless operation gives
intrinsic improvements in speed, as well. There won't be contention over
access to one aggregated spoolfile as the MTA tries to deliver and as the
agent reads, etc. (as I understand it). FWIW, my mail setup eats a pile
less cpu and IO on my shell server since moving from sendmail to


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