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Re: FW: Some problem????...

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Jerzy Miszczyk wrote:

> Hi there...
> I try to connect with "illegal" 192.168.10.x (Net2) network to a "legal" 
> 196.25.147.x (Net1) network with an analog leased line and PPP:
> 	|         |
> 	|         |
> 	|         |
> 	A---PPP---B
> 	|         |
>     Net1      Net2
> I configured A-PPP with address and B-PPP with address 
> Machine A runs masquerading for network. Machine 
> B talks to internet without any problems but the rest of the Net2 does not 

The rest of the computers on Net2 should set as their default
gateway and have addresses in the 192.168.11.xxx range.  They will route
everything to B which sends it to A. You need to have the appropriate
kernel features enabled on both A and B. 

If you want the computers on Net2 to have servers that answer on the 'net,
you have to enable ip-port-forwarding on A and use NAT to translate the
addresses in that direction.  ipchains is your friend.

192.168.xx.xx can be called "Internet non-routable" quite safely.

Gerard MacNeil, P. Eng                          macneil@supercity.ns.ca
System Administrator
Supercity Internet Services                     http://www.supercity.ns.ca

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