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Re: Strange Qmail problem...

IMHO it is not a wise idea to use alias as a normal user due to the fact
that it is a special user in the qmail architecture:

Mail to addresses on local domains that don't in fact exist, are delivered
via ~alias/.qmail-localpart where localpart@<domain_in_locals> is the
recipient of the mail, and the user 'localpart' does not exist.

Therefore don't use alias as a regular user or you will have surprises in


Robert Varga

On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, parlin imanuel wrote:

> dear all,
> i've just installed qmail and set it to use maildir.
> but mail for alias cannot be delivered.
> maillog tells something like this:
>     "deferral: Temporary_error_on_maildir_delivery"
> i've tried to change ~alias/.qmail with both
>     "/var/qmail/alias/Maildir/" and "./Maildir/"
> but nothing happened. Is there any step i miss?
> other users can receive mail normally.
> -parlin-
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