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Re: Virtual Domain Solution

On Friday 7 July 2000, at 14 h 48, 
the keyboard of Ryan Hayle <ryan@savvynet.com> wrote:

> What is the best solution for
> ISP hosting of virtual domains?  Are there any integrated packages
> which can handle web/email/ftp access on a per-domain, per-user
> basis?

I don't know (see Webmin) but I do not find it necessary.

> Right now, I am using exim for email, with gnu-pop3d and the virtual
> domains patch.  I am adding each virtual domain to the apache config
> manually, and then to the exim config, storing everything in
> /virtual/domain.com.  I'm not even getting into FTP access.  There
> must be a better way to do this.

At the present time, I do it by hand (with the help of M4, for instance to be 
sure all "mandatory" email addresses such as abuse, root, postmaster, etc, 
appear for every mail domain). In the future, when it will become unbearable, 
I suggest the following solution:

- design a SQL database will all the info about customers/members (do they 
have a Web site, what is the name of their virtual domain, what are the 
contacts, etc),
- produce the flat text files of the various software from this database.

That way, you don't have to find SQL-aware versions of all the programs you 

> Unfortunately, I've also got to try to train
> NT-monkeys to do this, and so I need some type of GUI or web interface,

It is relatively easy to update a database through the Web. You can develop it 

> In general, however do most ISP's simply go and write custom scripts for
> everything? 

Yes, specially in the Internet business, which is moving fast. New requirments 
pop up every day.

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