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RE: Virtual Domain Solution

Hi All,

I (we) are writing some customized additions to Webmin for ISPs.  We should
finished in about 2 weeks.  Send me a request if you want to be on the beta
and can commit to giving us some feed back so we can get it to release by
Aug 15. 


At 06:38 PM 7/7/00 -0500, Ryan Hayle wrote:
>Yes, that approach makes a lot of sense--what I was asking was whether some
>such system exists already.  Unfortunately, I've also got to try to train
>NT-monkeys to do this, and so I need some type of GUI or web interface,
>which was why I was considering qmail, and the qmailadmin program.  I guess
>I'm just looking for some simple solution to avoid having to write and do
>all of this myself.  Definitely an area where Linux is lacking...perhaps it
>is something I could work on--a Debian-specific solution of some kind.

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