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Re: Virtual Domain Solution

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Ryan Hayle wrote:

> This is an overly general question, but I've found very little info
> on this so I thought I would ask here.  What is the best solution for
> ISP hosting of virtual domains?  Are there any integrated packages
> which can handle web/email/ftp access on a per-domain, per-user
> basis?

Do you need websites for all of your users?

> Right now, I am using exim for email, with gnu-pop3d and the virtual
> domains patch.  I am adding each virtual domain to the apache config
> manually, and then to the exim config, storing everything in
> /virtual/domain.com.  I'm not even getting into FTP access.  There
> must be a better way to do this.

What do you mean by a "better way"? Is it because you are doing all the
setups manually with each step one at a time? You may want to make some
scripts to automate your steps. 

I think you just need a few scripts:

1) add a new domain script
  a) add zone info for dns
  b) add "domain-name" to your mail local deliveries file (maybe in your
     case: /etc/virtual/domains)
  c) add a user to Unix password database (/etc/passwd) for the
  d) create home and html directories for the webmaster/website
  e) add container to httpd config
  f) create directory for virtual mail users (maybe:
  g) create mail spool directory for the domain (maybe:
  h) create passwd file and alias file for virtual mail users (maybe with
     a default webmaster entry)
  i) if needed, add ftp info (in my situation, ftpd is already setup and
     no changes are needed for adding new domains)
  j) reload httpd
  k) reload dns
  l) test dns,ftp,smtp,pop3,http
2) add to virtual aliases

3) add a new virtual user (with password) for email

And maybe scripts to remove domain and real user (webmaster) from all
configs, and to remove aliases and users from virtual passwd files.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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