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Re: Virtual Domain Solution

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Ryan Hayle wrote:

 > I'm considering moving to qmail, with the vchkpw/vpopmail program,
 > and (hopefully) qmailadmin, although I have not been able to get this
 > to work successfully.  What solutions or approaches have other people
 > taken?

the way i'm doing this is exim, qpopper with the sql auth patch and
proftpd. all three are able to use sql, so i store my customers info
in an sql table. for the moment, apache is being done by hand from a
flat file, but i'm considering moving to mod_mass_vhost (alas i'm not
sure it will worth for me as i don't have lots of clients), but the
other tasks are handled by the before mentioned triad very well.

to bad i've been lazy to create some frontend so i'm still doing the
config stuff by hand, but it's in one place.. easy to maintain, easy
to backup, easy to restore, i like it :)

there's a devil waiting outside your door
 ... and just what the hell was i doing before i got so rudely interrupted ?

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