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Adding new network service - how?

Greetings, All:

Please forgive me if this is documented somewhere -- a pointer to the 
documentation would be greatly appreciated!

I've got a custom (just wrote it) standalone TCP/IP server daemon that listens 
on a high port and works fine servicing connections from localhost. However, 
when I try to connect (via telnet) from any other machine on the network, I 
get "connection refused". I tried editing /etc/hosts.allow so it contains the 
single line ALL:ALL and then /etc/init.d/netbase restart, to no avail. 
(Reverted back to what it used to be right after -- it's an internet-connected 

I know it has to be an easy, probably obvious, operation to get this port 
opened up, I just cannot find it. Any help anyone can provide would be 

----   Art Sackett   ----

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