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Re: NIC install problem

Run the follow test:
	cat /proc/pci | less
Try to find your ethernet entry.
If you not find ethernet information in /proc/pci your card have a

You can compile a monolitic kernel width ne2k-pci support. If your
ethernet card work the kernel 
detect automaticaly your interface.

Áts Attila wrote:
> Thank you for the answers regarding docs.
> I've got an install problem.
> I want to install my Ethernet card (NE2000 compatible PCI
> produced by KTI Networks).
> I start modconf, choose net, choose ne2k-pci, get a message
> The ne2k-pci module is not currently installed. I choose
> Install, get a message Parameter documentation for this
> module is unavailable and installation fails.
> What can be the problem and the solution?
> Best regards
> Attila
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