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Re: SMB over public network

Hi All,

Here's the take of a windows-junkie turned linux lover:

    NETBIOS      | 
-----------------|     IPX/SPX 
            PPP, 802.X, etc.
 Ethernet, Token Ring, Serial, etc.

This is pretty much how I see it and from there will proceed...

> runs on NetBIOS while the Internet runs on TCP/IP... 

...Samba runs above NetBIOS which you can run over TCP/IP but a cost of
bandwidth given how NetBIOS is such a "chatty" protocol and is really
meant to be used by small peer networks.

So if the issue is can you do the usual windows sharing over the internet,
well it is possible, but is it worth it? 

You might want to read up on CIFS (Common Internet File System) which
Microsoft is developing in vain, hoping to simplify and standardize SMB
over the Internet (yeah, keep dreaming Gates :-P ) but from what I've
read, they have a loooong waayyy to go.

I hope to have been helpful.


Erik Abella

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