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Re: SMB over public network

On Wed, Jun 14, 2000 at 08:58:33AM -0500, Gregory Wood wrote:
> There is a 'host' file on the pc running Win9x. That is where you have to enter your info so that you can attach to a remote network.

You don't necessarily need this, but it is a good option.  I have scrooed 
with Samba over internetworks and multiple subnets for some time... here's 
what I've found:

Win9x is a real pain in the arse.  You must be "logged in" to the microsoft
client using the username you wish to connect as at the remote end.  Your
password and must be set as all lowercase.  Add the DNS domain to your  
suffix search order.  You can then map drives by using \\hostname\share 
(where hostname is the host portion, not the fqdn; and share is the username,
if mapping a home dir under Samba for *nix).

WinNT is much easier to deal with, you can specify who to "connect as", and
may work with mixed-case passwords.  You should also include the DNS domain
suffix in you search order.  NT should also map by IP address outside the 
local subnet.  I have yet to get 9x to do that.  I can't explain it.

You could also setup a WINS server, that each of the clients can use to 
resolve the address of the host to which they wish to connect.

Be sure your gateway routers aren't blocking port 139, and 137 if you wish to 
use WINS.

> You may want to try NFS. I was told that NFS was available for Windows but never looked.

There are many 3rd party NFS clients/servers.  Try a few, most are on a
shareware trial period.  However, they do funky UID/GID mappings, and some
require a PCNFSD or NIS server.

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