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Re: SMB over public network

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Gregory Wood wrote:

> There is a 'host' file on the pc running Win9x. That is where you have to enter your info so that you can attach to a remote network.
> However, I have had customers who have tried that and would loose their network connection. I believe its a weakness in the MS client. Same connection with Novell client fixed the problem. There may be 'retry' options under MS that I never found.
> You may want to try NFS. I was told that NFS was available for Windows but never looked.
> If you do get this to work reliably, I'd like to hear from you.
> Greg Wood

How can you get Samba to work over the Internet?  I mean, after all it
runs on NetBIOS while the Internet runs on TCP/IP... Can anyone please
shed some light here?  If it is possible at all, I'd certainly love to
know, and I'd also love to know how it works.

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