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POP + Maildir not at HOME

	Hi all,

	We are trying to set up a Debian mail server running potato.  We
    are planning to use Postfix as an MTA and Maildir as the mail storing
    format.  The server should be able to handle POP requests for the users
    to read their mail (we are an ISP that provides PPP connections).

	However, we would like to separate home directories from mail
    directories so we can stablish different quotas and/or filesystems,
    such as ReiserFS.

	So I have a pair of questions:

	- Can Postfix be configured to store mails in maildir format in a
	  dirtectory other than the user's home?
	- What POP server could I use that supported Maildir?  I've heard
	  of the POP server provided with Qmail.  And, if the maildir affair
	  would not be possible, which POP server would you recommend

	Well, thanks a lot in advance, and keep on dpkging!

	Ivan Vilata i Balaguer

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