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Re: POP + Maildir not at HOME

Look at the vpopmail homepage, there is a document regarding the usage of
vpopmail with postfix.

Of course you still need the qmail package to provide the qmail-pop3d

The vpopmail package (for qmail) is packaged for debian by Ondrej Sury and
it can be found at www.sury.cz/Debian with a couple of useful other
packages. It supports a quota system itself as well, so you need not put
it on another filesystem, and it needs only one uid/gid and no system
users for providing pop3 access.


Robert Varga

On Mon, 12 Jun 100, Ivan Vilata i Balaguer wrote:

> 	Hi all,
> 	We are trying to set up a Debian mail server running potato.  We
>     are planning to use Postfix as an MTA and Maildir as the mail storing
>     format.  The server should be able to handle POP requests for the users
>     to read their mail (we are an ISP that provides PPP connections).
> 	However, we would like to separate home directories from mail
>     directories so we can stablish different quotas and/or filesystems,
>     such as ReiserFS.
> 	So I have a pair of questions:
> 	- Can Postfix be configured to store mails in maildir format in a
> 	  dirtectory other than the user's home?
> 	- What POP server could I use that supported Maildir?  I've heard
> 	  of the POP server provided with Qmail.  And, if the maildir affair
> 	  would not be possible, which POP server would you recommend
> 	  anyway?
> 	Well, thanks a lot in advance, and keep on dpkging!
> 	Ivan Vilata i Balaguer
> 	ivilata@csnet.es
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