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Re: Returned mail: User unknown (fwd)

If you are trying to run FULL DUPLEX 100BaseT make sure of your cables
and switch port settings.  Also I am not sure the CISCO router will run
FULL Duplex.


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>we have a cisco 7206, and a Samsung 10/100 managed switch.
>the 7026 has a fastethernet 100MBPS port.
>we are seeing losses of 1 to 8% when pinging the router.
>I can't find errors in the router configs, its set to full duplex 100mbps.
>the switch  however doesn't show a full duplex light,
>shoudl I change the switch port and tell it to be full duplex?
>I can ping cleanly thru the switch from host to host but host to router.
>If I move the port for the router the losses follow
>we see input errors and crc errors on the fastethernet0/0 port.
>some giants also.

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