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IPCP problem with pppd


   I'm having a problem with pppd (deb version 2.3.5-2) on a slink box.

   IPCP doesn't appear to be either logging or working properly.

   a user dials in
   mgetty answers, detects PPP frames and starts pppd
   pppd does LCP negotiation
   pppd authenticates the user with PAP

   then nothing......even tho I have lcp-echo-interval etc set nothing
   else logs at all.

   if run ifconfig I can see the ppp0 interface with the correct IP addresses
   even though IPCP negotiation doesn't get logged.

   from the client side Windows DUN reports a successful connection 
   with a win95 or windows NT workstation you can ping both the server
   and hosts on the remote network.
   BUT a windows 98 client can't ping anything. (herein lies the problem)

   i've never seen pppd _not_ log IPCP negotiation with debug and kdebug 1

   any ideas?

Daniel Quinlan				daniel@netwise.net.au
Netwise Australia			ph:  07 3252 8111
"Engineering Your Network Solution"	fax: 07 3216 0226

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