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Re: mail server w/ 65000++ users

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Robert Varga wrote:
>Use qmail and vpopmail. They are both packaged to debian, so there should
>not be much of a problem for it. 

Qmail isn't a regular package because it's got licence issues.

Also Qmail is lacking in functionality when compared to Postfix, Sendmail, or
probably any other Unix mail server.  Qmail is fast and reliable, it's good
for installing for one of those clients who is expected to stuff up Postfix
config files.

For a serious server system it will rapidly become annoying for the
administrator because it just won't do the things you want.

Try spam blocking (both ORBs and header filtering) and address re-writing for
two things that Qmail falls down on.

>Mails are stored in maildir format, which is NFS-safe without the need of

Postfix does this too.

>I have no experience with Postfix myself, but qmail is regarded as the
>fastest and most secure mailserver, and I think it is much easier
>configurable than sendmail or exim. I really have no problem with it

Being easier to configure than Sendmail is an understatement.  Sendmail is
the hardest to configure and Qmail is the easiest.

I doubt that Qmail is any more secure than Postfix.  I doubt that it is any

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