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Re: Virtual email hosting, with exim and IMAP

Dear Mr Reed,

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From: Jeremy C. Reed <reed@wcug.wwu.edu>
> > 2    Major issue.  IMAP is required.  vmailmgr does not handle IMAP, at
> > least not yet.
> I have never tried it, but cyrus-imapd-sql has virtual domains support.
> I don't know where docs are, but you can find it at
> http://www.hazard.maks.net/.

Will check up.

> > Users have no qualms logging in as user@domain.com , do not need shell
> > access, or pine, need a choice between IMAP and POP-3.  In a pinch, they
> > will contact me about changing passwords.  We heed dozens of domains,
> > only a few users per domain.  The names will clash, hence
> > required.
> I don't use IMAP, but I do use Exim and gnu-pop3d with a patch I wrote for
> virtual domains. For info, check out
> http://www.reedmedia.net/projects/virtualmail/

I discovered it as well, and have been putting it togather as we speak.
gnu-pop3d is up, and running.  exim seems to be delivering.

Your documentation is clear and extremely helpful.

> > I am not sticky about it being free, as long as it is a few $100.   Of
> > course, .debs that run on slink are appreciated.
> If you want to pay to have an IMAP daemon patched to work with virtual
> domains (separate passwd files and separate mail directories per domain),
> let me know.

Actually, I am the only user who appreciates the benefits of IMAP, so I
shall simply not mention it to clients.  These are typically associate
organisations, who need very basic mailing services.  I will take up the
matter of commisioning someone to patch an IMAP demon, and releasing it GPL.
Time my company put mony back into gnu ;-)

Once again, thanks.

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