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Backup on cd-s

i used to backup my servs on old HP SureStore 4Gig tapes, 
it took almost 5h to fill-up whole tape, but it worked.
until they took HP SureStore from me and left me with 
SGI-packaged Conner streamer, which i found broken too late.

Recently I realised that i need only about 600Megs to
store compressed backups of my serv. That's great.
except for - i don't how to do it.

Problem is - create bootable CD, that contains all tools
neccesery to repair broken system (mkfs, fdisk, vi, tar, gzip 
etc, etc) , and that contains data track 
with all backuped files ( 
as usr.tar.gz home.tar.gz root.tar.gz and all).

this way I would hold fast way to restore my system -  
just put CD in, boot it, recreate filesystem structure
and unpack all tars. then just run lilo and I've got
running system in no-time.

but - i ain't own 2.88Meg floppies and don't know
how to create bootable cd which mounts as it's root
sth more than floppy (1.44).

any suggestions?

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