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Re: Backup on cd-s

Well, this is not exactly what you are asking about, but I have built a
number of Debian systems which run entirely from bootable floppies and
CDs. I compiled a very short FAQ about the bootable CD based Linux


as well as more general information along with downloadable ISO images:


The bootable CD based system can boot from either a CD or a floppy but
will mount its root from the CD in either case. Most of the existing
configurations are oriented towards building specific sorts of Linux
appliances that don't require any installation or any hard disk except
maybe for spooling. The images mostly only have stuff needed to run
specific services such as lpd or samba, but I (or you) could easily add
other things that you want such as Lilo. The CD image for the LPA-CD
configuration already includes tar, gzip, cpio, dd, mkfs, cp, rm, and (I
think) fdisk, so it may already be most of the way there. The total space
consumed is only about 27MB on the CD right now, so if I dropped
ghostscript et. al., then you'd probably have close to 640 MB available
for data storage. 

One other issue you may want to consider is whether to use CD-R or CD-RW
media. The CD-RW is obviously re-usable for a certain number of times,
but it is not universally readable by all old CD-ROM drives the way CD-R
usually is. 

Let me know if you would like any specific help. If you would be
interested enough in actually using a 'rescue cd' configuration, then I
may start working on one myself.

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